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Product Innovation

At Pentland Precision we are always looking to diversify the business, product innovation is where we thrive and this is highlighted by a project underway with Tornado Storage Systems for a more effective innovative warehousing process.

Pentland Precision continue to build our product innovation services by moving into new business sectors as shown by our work with the SRUC on the award winning ‘GreenCow Project’ to develop a world-class livestock greenhouse gas (GHG) emission research facility using respirometer chambers to measure methane output from cattle or sheep.

Our engineering innovation skills were utilised in the multi-million (£) construction of Heathrow Terminal 5 to supply specialist, complex, metalwork required in the prestigious new hub for BA.

We deliver a range of services, including:

  • Specialist warehouse shelving systems
  • Methane Monitoring Equipment
  • Post-harvest drying systems
  • E&V meat grading equipment
  • Architectural metalwork